Thinning and Pruning

Thinning and Pruning

Healthy trees need proper pruning in order to thrive. Greencare Mulching Tree Services provides the quality pruning solution your trees need both in the formative stages and as they grow and age. We preserve the health of your trees, ensuring you can enjoy them for years to come.

Common types of tree pruning:

Formative pruning – is best done on juvenile trees to correct structural issues. With screen trees used for privacy like pears and most hedges, it is important to manage before they becoming too large. Often we are called in when there has been little or no maintenance, or they are just too large for a gardener to deal with.

Weight reduction – involves selectively removing branches to lower the density of the tree. This activity reduces the weight of tree limbs and increases the amount of light that reaches the garden below. It provides the tree with greater stability and allows us to shape the coverage of the branches so that the tree maintains a natural appearance while still providing it with the sunlight it needs. Over time, branches may become over-extended and heavy on the ends. Judicious pruning reduces the load on the branches and allows the tree to grow stronger and more effectively.

Hazard reduction – is removing the larger and smaller deadwood that has formed as branches die back within the canopy. This will minimise potential injury to both person and property, with aesthetic benefits as well.

As professional arborists we advise you to be careful whom you entrust with the care of your trees.

We share this world with our trees. They are our responsibility. This means pruning and directing the growth of the tree in a non-destructive manner.

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